What is a bachelor’s degree from KTH?

It can mean three different things.

  1. An intermediate degree from a 5-year civilingenjör programme (Master of Science in Engineering).
  2. A final general degree from a 3-year teknologie kandidat programme (Bachelor).
  3. A final professional degree from a 3-year högskoleingenjör programme (Bachelor of Science in Engineering).

The structure is shown in the following figure.


The dashed lines means the intermediate degrees bachelor and licentiate within the civilingenjör and doctoral programmes. I will use the Swedish terms, as otherwise it will get confusing as the translations into English, written in parenthesis, are similar.

The civilingenjör programmes (starting with C at KTH) got an intermediate bachelor’s degree in order to follow the Bologna structure. The students are admitted to five years and the master programmes represent the specializations within the civilingenjör programmes. Foreign students enter at year 4, taking only a master programme.

Thus after three years the students have a basis in mathematics and physics (if they are in the electrical engineering programme CELTE). They have not yet taken many applied courses in electrical engineering, just tasted the different fields. The list is found at: courses in the first three years of CELTE

There are some master programmes that are designed as the specializations for the civilingenjör programme in electrical engineering (CELTE) and there are others in neighbouring areas, which the students can choose. They just choose the master programme/specialization as they are admitted to five years.

The difference between the teknologie kandidat programme and the högskoleingenjör programme is that the first requires more depth (1.5 years) in one subject whereas the second one aims more to develop engineering skills. Both kinds of programme are designed to have students ready to apply for jobs after three years.

The preceding programmes are the undergraduate ones. The graduate studies consist of four year to become a doctor. There is an intermediate degree called licentiate after two years. Some students are only admitted for the licentiate, as they only are financed for two years.

(A detailed list of the Swedish degrees can be found at UHR.)



One thought on “What is a bachelor’s degree from KTH?

  1. A student admitted to a civilingenjör programme is not invited to the graduation ceremony in the city hall to get his/her bachelor’s degree. The students graduating from the högskoleingenjör and teknologie kandidat programmes are invited, because their programmes end after three years. So the bachelor degree in the civilingenjör programme is an intermediate degree.


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